Concert New Philharmonic Ensemble at the Music School

    Foto: Concert New Philharmonic Ensemble at the Music School

    The performance has been performed by a detailed presentation by the musicologist Walter Tortoreto. [Fulgo Graziosi]


    by Fulgo Graziosi

    Opening at the Music School L Aquila, Italy for the people who are keen and fond of Classical Music. Antonietta Zito violin, and Caterina Imbrogno piano, they have been able to enchant the audience with a fantastic performance which has been appreciated by many Music estimators and amateurs.
    The performance has been introduced by a comprehensive introduction by the musicologist Professor Walter Tortoreto who retraced the history of those Women as musicians in the last centuries. He highlighted the struggle who many women had been through to be considered as the same level like the men as musician. Some women have been able to mark the history of Music with remarkable pieces of art. They have also been capable to draw artistic and human profiles of some female composers about Classical Music.
    The two protagonists about tonight they enjoy highly respected prominent positions and widespread national and international appeal. They have played in the most prestigious auditorium.
    In 2013 the twosome have performed unreleased music by the Abruzzese composer Francesco Paolo Tosti rediscovered by the musicologist Professor Walter Tortoreto on one occasion in worldwide premiere.
    During the evening the twosome Zito-Imbrogno, besides playing brilliantly Three Romances, Op. 22 by Clara Schumann and Antonin Dvorak s Slavonic Dances, Op. 46 n. 2-4, wanted to give  a tribute to all music estimators and amateurs by playing Getting lost with Tango produced by Gabriella Manilla from L Aquila.

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